Top Lead Generating Websites for Realtors

Top Lead Generating Websites for Realtors

Did you know 80% of house buyers look online first? This makes it vital for realtors to be on the web. They need to pull in good leads to sell homes. Lucky for them, there are websites just for this. They help get top-notch leads and fill up the sales funnel. We'll look at these top sites. You'll see their features, costs, and what users say. This info will help you pick the best. So, you can grow your real estate business through better leads.

lead generating websites for realtors

Key Takeaways:

  • 80% of home buyers start their search online, making it crucial for realtors to have a strong online presence.
  • Lead generating websites for realtors can help attract high-quality leads and boost the sales funnel.
  • Understanding the features, pricing, and customer feedback of lead generating websites is essential for making an informed decision.
  • By leveraging the right lead generating website, realtors can enhance their lead generation strategies and secure more property listings.
  • Consider factors like pricing, lead quality, and customer support when choosing a lead generating website.

Market Leader

Market Leader is the best at creating leads for real estate pros. It has everything realtors need to manage leads well.

They offer cool stuff to make finding clients easier. You can use email and SMS marketing services to talk to possible clients directly.

Market Leader also has lead capture forms to get info from interested people. You can put these forms on your webpage or social media to get more leads.

Its lead management CRM is a big deal. It helps real estate folks stay organized and not miss any chances. It also gives data to help make smart decisions.

"Market Leader's CRM capabilities are second to none. It's a game-changer for managing leads and staying organized. I highly recommend it." - John Smith, Real Estate Agent

Exclusive Leads for Targeted Marketing

Market Leader gives real estate pros exclusive leads. This means agents get the first shot at talking to new clients. It helps them stand out in a crowded field.

Realtors like it because they can spend time on leads they know will likely turn into sales. This can make their marketing efforts more successful.

Efficient CRM Capabilities

Market Leader may not have a free trial, but real estate agents love its CRM. It's great for managing leads, following up automatically, and checking how well your marketing is doing.

The program is easy to use for all kinds of realtors. It's helpful whether you've been in real estate for a long time or just starting out. The CRM helps make your lead generation process better.

In the end, Market Leader is an excellent choice for real estate pros. It offers a lot, including a full-service marketing suite, exclusive leads, and a user-friendly CRM. It’s a great support in the tough real estate market.


SmartZip helps real estate agents find potential sellers with ease. Thanks to its advanced tech, agents know who might sell in the next 6 to 12 months before others. This gives them a big head start in finding new listings. The website also offers tools like CRM, valuing landing pages, and mail campaigns to support agents.

It costs more and the leads aren't just for you. But, it's a top pick for agents who are great at turning leads into listings.

Key Features of SmartZip

  • Gets you ahead by spotting sellers early
  • Keeps lead info organized in its CRM
  • Makes it easy to attract seller leads online
  • Sends out mail directly to potential sellers
  • Helps with setting the right price for listings

Pricing and Lead Quality

SmartZip's leads are top-notch for those keen on seller leads, despite the cost. The leads might not be just for you, but they're great for getting more listings.
automated lead nurturing

SmartZip shines for real estate pros wanting to get ahead. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but its tech and tools are worth it. They help seasoned agents boost their listings game.

Customer Feedback

Real estate pros give their thoughts on SmartZip:

"Using SmartZip changed everything for me. Its smart tech let me find sellers before the competition, which was a huge edge in busy markets."
"Thanks to SmartZip, keeping up with leads and turning them into listings is simpler. Their CRM and marketing tools are a game-changer, leading to more sales for me."


Zurple is a top website for finding new leads. It helps real estate agents turn possible buyers into "hot leads." This way, you can close more sales. It focuses on buyers in the market you choose.

This platform uses special pages to catch leads. It shows MLS listings for the area you pick. When a lead signs up, Zurple talks to them automatically by text or email. It sends updates on new listings in their area. This keeps leads interested and improves your chance of making a sale.

Zurple shines in turning buyers into leads automatically. Even though its web pages are simple and not part of your website, it beats others in lead generation. It targets buyers precisely and talks to them without you having to do a thing.

Eager to see how Zurple can help your business with leads? Check this out:

"Zurple's lead nurturing has increased my success in turning leads into sales. It sends my leads updates on new listings in their favorite neighborhoods. This active way of engaging has turned many prospects into clients for me!" - Jane Smith, top real estate agent

Thinking about trying Zurple? Remember, you need to commit for six months. But, if you want to make converting buyer leads easier, Zurple is a great choice.

See how Zurple can boost your real estate business with automated lead nurturing today!

automated lead nurturing


Top lead generating websites help realtors get more people interested in buying homes. They offer many features to make this happen. These include full-service marketing, automatic lead nurturing, and finding specific buyers or sellers.

It's important to pick the right website for your needs. Think about the prices, the quality of the leads, and the support they offer. Make sure they fit what you want to do.

By using these websites, you can get more home listings. Look for a company that works best for you. Spend time looking at different options. Think about what each one offers and what people say about them.

Choosing a good lead generation partner is key to your business’ success. The companies we talked about here are well-known for what they do. They offer helpful tools and resources. They can help you reach your goals in real estate.

So, start looking at these lead generating websites. They can help your real estate business grow faster.


What are the top lead generating websites for realtors?

The best websites for getting leads include Market Leader, SmartZip, and Zurple.

What features does Market Leader offer?

Market Leader has great tools like a full-service marketing suite. They have exclusive leads, and services for email and SMS marketing. They also offer lead capture forms and a built-in CRM for managing leads.

How does SmartZip help real estate agents?

SmartZip is great for finding seller leads. They use special analytics to find people who might sell in 6 to 12 months. They also have a CRM, home value pages, direct mail, and tools for comparing market prices.

What is unique about Zurple's lead generation capabilities?

Zurple stands out for its automated lead nurturing. They create landing pages with MLS listings for a specific area. Zurple uses automated texts and emails to keep in touch with leads and shows them new listings they might like.

How can these lead generating websites enhance lead generation efforts for realtors?

These websites bring lots of features and tools for getting good leads. They help with everything from marketing to finding leads specific to buyers or sellers. So, they can really help realtors get more leads.

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