First National Realty Partners Case Study


First National Realty Partners offers accredited investors unique opportunities to invest in grocery-anchored shopping centers, multi-family communities, and industrial commercial real estate.

The Problems:

  • Limited Access to Profitable Commercial Real Estate Deals
  • Struggling to Navigate the Commercial Real Estate Market
  • Inefficient Cash Flow Management in Real Estate Investments

The Solution:

  • Building Investor Confidence through Strategic Marketing
  • Precision Marketing for High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Tailored Messaging for Exclusive and Secure Investment Deals

The Result:

  • 10,000+ quality leads generated
  • 900 investors acquired
  • Accredited investors CPA: $200 - $350
  • Grossed 40M+ in revenue in the highest month
  • Managed 10M+ in adspend in the first year
  • <$10,000 cost per investor acquired


In conclusion, First National Realty Partners has effectively tackled challenges in accessing profitable commercial real estate deals, navigating the market, and managing cash flow inefficiencies through innovative solutions. Their strategic marketing efforts and tailored messaging have resulted in over 10,000 quality leads, 900 investors acquired, and impressive financial metrics, establishing them as a leader in the industry poised for continued growth.

Real Estate Case Study Result 3