The NXT Team Case Study


The NXT Team is a Real Estate Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia that helps sellers and buyers find homes.

This case study follows how we were able to go from nothing to an effective, professional website that's bringing NXT clients purchasing 6-7-figure homes month after month.

The Problems:

The company was a new agency, which made it hard to spend resources to create a website. Questions such as what message to send, and who they want to work with, all played a part in creating a viable website.

  1. Needing to establish trust and credibility as a new company​
  2. Communicating The NXT Team's array of services  in a clear, easy-to-understand way
  3. ​Creating a website that converts the right people

The Solution:

To solve these problems, The NXT Team needed a website that was professional, easy to use, and spoke to their ideal clients (and made it easy for them to take action).

  1. In-depth market research
  2. Professional, simple design that builds trust and credibility​
  3. Easy-to-navigate website that appeals to their target clients

The Result:

Now The NXT Team has a growing flow of clients purchasing 6-7 figure homes and attracts the right people online.


In a remarkable journey from inception, The NXT Team's strategic website transformation overcame resource limitations and communication challenges, establishing trust and credibility, resulting in a growing clientele of 6-7 figure home buyers and consistent online audience attraction, affirming the transformative potential of a well-crafted digital presence.

Real Estate Case Study Result 3